It all started when…

The Quality Coach was founded in 1990 to help individuals and organizations deal with the human aspects of change. This becomes increasingly critical as the speed of change in our world continues to escalate.

Our Vision

We will guide our clients through the natural uncertainty and resistance to change. We will use the evidence of our proven approach to motivate them to transform the culture of their organization - to inspire leadership, growth, and engagement in their people - and achieve the results they desire. We will lead our clients to greater success through strategies unique to their business and by example: We will live what we teach. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help organizations of all sizes achieve exceptional results and greater success through a culture that engages, encourages, and transforms people. 



We understand the challenges that businesses face. After all, as business people ourselves, we’ve faced many of the same challenges and obstacles as you. We know the questions that have to be asked – and answered – for your business to thrive.

Our role is to partner with you and, using our proven approach, help you to:

  • Identify your desired outcomes

  • Determine what’s preventing you from achieving them

  • Develop solutions that will drive the momentum to move your business forward


Change. It isn’t always easy. Even when you want it. The same goes for hearing the truth: Sometimes, the truth hurts.

However, in order to effect real, lasting change, we know that truth and honesty are paramount for growth and success. That’s why we will ALWAYS tell you the truth… even if it hurts.

  • Honest

  • Insightful

  • Tailored to Your Specific Situation and Desired Outcomes


Everyone has perceptions of who they are, what they can (or can’t) do, and what they’re capable of accomplishing. Translation: We all have some Self-Limiting Beliefs. However, we know you can do more. Even if you don’t. That’s why we will challenge you:

  • To change your perceptions

  • To see your true potential

  • To discover your hidden abilities

We will help you grow and transform – both personally and professionally –  and we will watch as you achieve greater success and a richer, more fulfilling life…
That’s the ultimate reward for us!






With over twenty years of experience in business, franchising, higher-education and healthcare – serving in a variety of senior management roles for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations – Brenda’s proven track record in strategic management and leadership is solid. Her areas of expertise include: 

·   Leadership Development

·   Management Development

·   Organizational Planning  

·   Board Development

·   Economic Development

·   Workforce Development 

·   Team Collaboration

·   Employee Engagement

·   Educational Training Initiatives (including e-learning)

Brenda holds a BSBA from the University of Missouri STL (1988), an MBA from Fontbonne University (2000), and a Doctor of Management (2016) from Webster University, in addition to research and publications in entrepreneurial marketing, teaming, and board development, as well as workforce trends and topics. Brenda loves working with people and helping clients find valuable solutions to the challenges they face in today’s business climate, and she takes pride in the community of clients she serves through The Quality Coach®. 




As an experienced business owner and business development professional, Rick’s career was primarily focused on starting and acquiring small businesses in a variety of industries, developing relevant leadership and growth strategies focused on sustainable team building, and client satisfaction. Skilled in negotiation, business planning, business development, financing, operations management, retail, and coaching, and his history of success in the management consulting industry is well-established.  

Rick has a genuine passion for building business and demonstrates steadfast loyalty, aimed at growth and success, to the clients he serves for The Quality Coach®. 




Relying on his experience as a leader and individual contributor in the corporate world, Hank spent the last 30 years designing the coaching tools & techniques that The Quality Coach® applies with our clients. Hank’s commitment to helping his clients reframe their views of life and business, gives them an opportunity to create organizational cultures that enliven and empower their workers. In turn, workers bring the entirety of their talents & energy to produce accountable results and desired outcomes.




Whether she’s working with groups or individuals, and regardless of the environment – manufacturing, professional, or nonprofit – Jeanne’s deep respect for those on the frontline and at at all levels comes leadership, comes through in her work. 

As a Co-Founder of The Quality Coach® Jeanne has partnered with business owners and leaders for over three decades, helping them access, focus and leverage the potential of their leaders – both formal and informal.






With over 15 years of history and experience in management, Human Resources, and customer service in the financial industry, Heather has a deep interest in exploring different personalities and uncovering what makes people tic. After graduating college, she started working in the Gasconade and Franklin County areas and has been here ever since. 

For Heather, people skills are key to life mastery and she has devoted her career to continuous learning through others. In July 2017, Heather joined The Quality Coach® to continue working with people and helping them on their journey to professional and personal success.




For more than 30 years, Amy has worked with leading-edge Fortune 100 companies. She has worked with people at all levels, in leadership roles and as part of cross-functional teams, to maximize revenue and profit through continuous improvement.  Through her experience in building and leveraging self-managed teams, Amy has a true understanding of, and appreciation for, the value that comes from high-performing teams: they recognize, value, and embrace their diverse strengths.




Mary has over 40 years of professional Human Resources experience, most recently as Director of Human Resources for WEG Transformers USA, which included multiple locations in the US (including Washington, MO), Canada and Brazil. Mary has formally trained internationally, including locations in India, Ireland, and Canada.




With over 20 years of management, marketing, and sales experience, combined with a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling (Lindenwood University, 2012), Matt has a true passion for helping people achieve their goals. 

After graduating with a BBA in Marketing (Truman State, 1987) Matt began his career in the grocery industry, then transitioned to the manufacturing sector, where he served over 16 years in sales and marketing. Matt then moved to a marketing communications firm as an account executive, until he decided to pursue his passion – understanding what makes people happy and successful - with a degree from Lindenwood.

For Matt, coaching and counseling are similar in many respects and he utilizes aspects of both when working with his clients. Because people are the key to quality, customer satisfaction, and ultimately profits, his coaching style reflects a genuine concern for others: he listens to his clients and works hard to earn their trust. Matt works with individuals and teams to address their challenges using a logical, and process-oriented approach, and has a proven track record of helping his clients grow and succeed.