Growth. Your business needs it, but it takes discipline and processes to add new talent to your team in a meaningful and productive manner.
Our Coaches will guide you.


Your people, processes and profit all must transform to allow your business to move to the next level. Your culture is now in question - why do need to exist, who are you and what is your business all about?
When business stalls, you know it is time to transform.


Goals. Objectives. Strategies. Isn’t that enough to succeed?
Well, yes, as long as you have grown your business, transformed your culture
and implemented a well-formed strategy… but if you haven’t…


Our Services.
The Approach.
Your Success.

First, and foremost, we listen: We listen to understand your business and your specific challenges, because no two businesses are alike. Then we provide solutions and strategies that fit your specific needs. We perform assessments to understand why individuals in your organization behave the way they do and what motivates their behaviors. Additional assessments, such as emotional intelligence, top soft skills, etc., may be performed if necessary and/or appropriate.  

Once assessments are complete, we meet with you to discuss the results and we work together to develop your plan for success.  



The most overlooked and underutilized tool to help set your employees up for success. Think about it: How many times have you felt the excitement of your first day on a new job? First thing that day, you met with HR, signed a few papers, and… BAM! They threw you straight into the Lion’s Den, with little more than a “Good luck!” How did you feel? A little lost?
More importantly, is this the experience you want for your employees? 

There is a better way! 

Through the Onboarding Process, your employees learn what they need to know about your business. Arming them with this knowledge from the start, provides a sense of empowerment and belonging within your organization and paves the way for growth and success. That said, there is no “one-size-fits-all” process for Onboarding. Every organization is different, and the process has to fit each, specific organization. Regardless of the differences, Onboarding is crucial for the success of all of your employees: beginning day one and continuing throughout their entire career.


Talent Management is an investment. An important one. It’s about attracting and hiring the most talented applicants in the market. 

But, it’s also about developing and retaining the talent within your organization. 

Talent Management is a shift in thinking about Hiring Practices. It’s about focusing on your long-term goals and desired outcomes when evaluating talent to determine how, or if, they fit into your overall strategic plan.

Talent Management is also a strategic initiative. It should align with the culture and goals of your organization. Implementing this strategy will give your organization a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting – as well as retaining – top talent.


For more than three decades, The Quality Coach has been working with businesses and organizations of all sizes, within all industries. All of our Coaches bring their own personal wealth of professional and business experience, as well as having their own unique styles. But they all have one thing in common: they want to help you grow, transform, and SUCCEED!

Like our Coaches, our Approach is also unique. First, we engage with you. We find out what you know, what you need to know, and why it’s important to you. Then, we introduce the tools and strategies required to achieve your desired outcomes. Finally, we ensure that you’re applying the strategies and tools needed to succeed. We’ll be honest: Sometimes, you’ll be working outside of your comfort-zone. It won’t always be easy but… Anything worth having, never is!

We provide Coaching, one-to-one or group facilitation, in the following areas:

  • Leadership

  • Personal 

  • Owner

  • Senior Executive 

  • Leadership Development 

  • Group Facilitation


Employee Engagement

Improve the level of engagement within your workforce, and you will strengthen overall productivity, profit, loyalty & safety. Some of the techniques The Quality Coach uses to increase employee engagement, include:

  • Helping owners and leaders understand what motivates employees

  • Development and support of self-directed work teams

  • Communication skills training for internal and external customers.


We help teams thrive and enjoy working together through increased respect, improved communication, role-understanding, and goal achievement. We work with teams of all types, in a variety of industries, including: 

  • Frontline Supervisors 

  • Logistic Supervisors 

  • Store Managers

  • Advisory, Volunteer, & Elected Boards 

  • Manufacturing

  • Financial Management


Development of Culture is an endless process that’s either created consciously or by default. Many organizations take culture for granted, and most are unaware what their culture really is, even though it has substantial impact on the organization’s ability to execute strategic goals and business objectives.

Often, organizations neglect their workplace culture as they struggle to keep with the rapid changes they face and the challenges of technological advances, resulting in the creation of a default culture. Some of the serious, unhealthy consequences include: 

• Inability to attract and retain quality talent
• Quality and service challenges
• Poor communication and poor teamwork

Deliberate, thoughtful, culture development is transformative and can dramatically improve an organization’s ability to succeed. It engages the hearts and minds of your people, and they feel appreciated. When your people feel valued and appreciated, they invest themselves in their work. They commit to doing their best work, because they know they matter to your business and their contributions make a real difference.

Human Resources

The field of Human Resources is an area of need in organizations of all sizes and within a variety of industries. Yet, with other areas of business demanding attention and pushing the agenda, it’s not unusual for the HR component to suffer. Do you need help, but you don’t know where to turn? We’re here for you and we can help!   

Our coaches will conduct an audit of your HR Systems and HR Practices, to identify your areas of need and improvement. After we report our findings to you, we will begin our specialized program of mentoring and support for your Human Resources professionals – new and seasoned – through best practices in the field.


Leadership Development

Our approach and terminology might be different from what you’re used to with others. That’s because development calls out the unique features that differentiate from the competition and challenges the status quo. With Training you learn what’s required for your job and it’s back to business as usual. With Development you learn, and you grow. 

Through our Leadership Development, we coach and we mentor. You learn how to work with others, and how to work through them: how to delegate, manage time, resolve conflicts, engage in quality communication, and more. We teach you how to apply our strategies and proven techniques to produce real results and achieve greater success.


We love to work with our clients on strategic planning. We work with clients of all sizes and in all industries assisting in a planning cycle. Our team utilizes a facilitated process implementing structure, strategy and processes. Our process includes effective meetings, individual accountability and organizational outcomes.