Building a Retention and Referral Culture

Are you doing the same thing over and over, expecting a better result when it comes to recruiting and retaining good employees? I’m no Einstein….but….it’s time to step it up, leap outside of that box and do something significantly different. Time to get in sales mode and outsmart your competitors. Time to Sell the Sizzle.

What Sizzle? Here are some questions meant to get you in touch with your company’s sizzle.

What are the most attractive features and benefits of working in your company?

Interesting work projects?
Flexible schedule?
Work from home options?
Exciting customer applications?
Opportunities to grow specific skill set?
Job and career mentoring?
Energized and winning team?
Leadership track?
Interesting travel?

Who is your target market?

Tech school students?
Stay at home parents?
Retired Boomers?

What does your target market value? How do you know?