Leveraging the Generation Gap

We’ve heard it all. Millennials are tech savvy inpatient employees wanting advancement without paying their dues. Boomers are stuck in their ways and aren’t ready to retire and hand over the reins. So what? Why do we need to view these things as negatives? Studies have shown that when asked what attracts them to a job, Millennials answered; Flexibility, Transparency and Coaching/Development. Don’t we all value these things? Here comes some shocking news… we aren’t all that different after all. When we quit labeling and start leveraging we open ourselves and our organizations up to progress and relevancy. That’s what it’s all about right? Staying relevant in this ever-changing world?

It’s time we work to create a culture that encourages the change we want to see. We can complain and point fingers or we can stand up and appreciate our differences and how those differences all provide a piece to the puzzle of our business.