Using Technology to Attract and Retain Top Talent

New Owner & CEO of The Quality Coach, Dr. Brenda Bouse, recently wrote and published an article where she highlighted the use of technology and its use to attract and retain quality talent. One outstanding example of this use of technology is with a local construction design build client, Eagan Building Group known as EBG.  EBG has been nominated three years in a row for the ASA Subcontractors Midwest Contractor of the Year Award and is always looking at ways to keep moving forward and be distinctive in the industry.

Eagan Building Group has used 3D modeling in developing office space, conference space, and the entire scope of their project.  By using 3D technology, they are able to provide their potential clients with “life like” visual. First, they bring in an architect, and they help the client with square footage layout efficiencies, operating efficiencies and future costs. The use of virtual reality goggles was introduced to allow the client to stand in the space and look around and see what the design and space will actually look at a finished product.

EBG has worked with The Quality Coach Founder and long-term Coach, Hank Epstein. When Hank realized how the company was already using technology to give them an edge over their competition, he urged them to look at other ways they could capitalize. With Coach Hank’s help, they recently incorporated the use of their 3D technology into their interviewing process over the last 6-8 months.

President, Tim Eagan of Eagan Building Group shared,  “We have adopted a high amount of technology. The light bulb went off with a recent hire when demonstrating the technology during the recruitment process. Seeing the end product in that format, in detail, was very attractive and verified how the technology can bridge the communication between the home office and the field. Communication in the construction industry can be problematic with job sites being remote. The technology bridges that communication and provides a benefit to the management and the employees.”

Eagan Group takes pride in the fact that they are not like any other construction company. Check out the full article here!

Heather Gildehaus